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Reflexology works on the principle that the feet represent miniature maps of the body and when pressure is applied to particular areas (reflex points) this encourages the body’s own natural healing processes to restore a healthy balance and create a feeling of well being.

What can Reflexology do for me?

Reflexology works on the entire body and is used primarily to relieve stress and tension and produce deep therapeutic relaxation. Health professionals agree that many of our health problems can be linked to nervous and physical tension. By reducing stress and tension, reflexology improves blood and lymph circulation, strengthens the functioning of the immune system, improves assimilation of nutrition and elimination of toxins and calms the nervous system. In these ways, reflexology facilitates the body’s natural healing processes and thereby enhances the body’s health and vitality.

Please ask us for any more information you require to enable you to enjoy this wonderfully relaxing treatment.

Aromatherapy Associates

Relax with us and benefit from one of our treatments, ask for expert advice and generously sample Aroma Associates world-renowned essential oil blends. Each one is lovingly prepared from nature’s finest plants and flowers to quite simply, yet effectively, transform your wellbeing.

Since the 1970’s, Aromatherapy Associates have been teaching, practising and blending gorgeously therapeutic oils and, since the 80’s, Aromatherapy Associates has been sharing its expertise with the world’s greatest spas.

We have therapeutic and diverse treatments for your every need. Aromatherapy associates treats the mind and body, each treatment should be tailor-made to you and your exact needs. Select an aromatherapy treatment from our price list and our expert therapists will discuss your personal requirements and preferences.